What Saturdays are Really for

Recently I’ve begun to work on Sundays. And if you know me, you know that I need one day of 100% nothingness. So, recently I’ve been doing my long runs on Sundays so that Saturdays are all for me. In the process, I’ve learned what Saturdays are really for.

1. Sleeping in

2. Farmer’s markets

Love these fall colors

3. Hikes

4. Driving aimlessly down the coast just because

5. Movie dates with The Boy (we saw Pitch Perfect yesterday and it seriously rocked my socks).

6. Lazily strolling into Intelligentsia

7. Reading my new book (courtesy of the Library)

8. Making soba noodles at midnight

So gosh darn yummy!

9. Taking a bath with lavender bubble bath.

10. Eating milk duds.

That is all🙂

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