2014 Manifesto

This year is about embracing it all. Taking more chances, not being afraid to fall, living a little more boldly.


It’s also about healing. So often if something is bothering me or I’m feeling upset, I try to sweep it under the rug, forget about it, not deal with it. But this year, I’m feeling ready to peek under that rug. To unpack some stuff and dig deep.

That’s what I’m feeling for 2014.

Living boldly, healing, accepting. 

How about you?

One thought on “2014 Manifesto

  1. New year, new me! I have decided to be happier. Enjoy life, excersise more, (add yoga and Pilates classes to my regular routine). Be nicer to people (not that I was mean to them but don’t let things get to me like before). Relax, enjoy more my friends having quality time with them. I’m just living one day at a time!

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