Bringing the mountains to me


Over winter break I traveled to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my family and The Boy. I consider Steamboat to be the most magical place on earth. Truly. When I think back to my childhood, I think about Steamboat. I think about biking and skiing and breathing in that mountain air. I think about hot chocolate with whipped cream and natural hot springs on a cold winter night. Needless to say, when I stepped off the plane at LAX I wasn’t in Steamboat anymore. And suddenly my nights were spent watching Parenthood rather than sitting in a hot tub gazing up at the stars.

photo 2

Yes, I realize that whenever I’m in Steamboat I’m on vacation. There is less stress and I’m constantly surrounded by people I love. So there’s that. But I also realize that there are ways to bring Steamboat to me. Ways to bring some of that mountain bliss to good old L.A.

1. We have mountains too. 

Santa Monica has some kick ass hikes. My goal: hike once a week. Nature = good for the soul.

photo 1

2. Did you know, there are hot springs in L.A.?

As soon as I got home from Steamboat I jumped on the computer and searched “natural hot springs Los Angeles.” The result? This baby.  You can bet I’m heading there this weekend.

3. Less T.V., more reading

Whenever I’m in Steamboat I plow through books. The T.V. is rarely on. I have a goal to read 50 books in 2014! I’ve already finished off Where’d You Go Bernadette? (ahhhhmazing!) and am onto Sisterland.

4. Less Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, oh my! These guys can be great but they can also cause some major looking of your shoulder syndrome. When I’m skiing through the trees in Colorado, there is no need to jump on twitter. And besides, when was the last time anyone posted “I had a boring day” as their status? That’s right, never. Social media rarely shows the whole picture. I’m limiting my social media visits to once a day. Wish me luck.

5. Time outside

More time outside, Steamboat style. More camping, more running, more biking. Yes please.

6. Connecting with the people I love

More dinners with girlfriends. More sunsets  on the Sharngri-La roof. More miles on Southwest visiting friends and family.

7. Drinking out of this mug.


It may be cliche, but drinking out of this mug just puts a smile on my face. Especially when it’s filled with hot chocolate.




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