This past weekend I attended and amazing workshop with Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project and Sophie Jaffe, founder of The Philosophie. After a sweaty yoga practice with Rachelle, we were led through a discussion of what health means to us. Finally, Sophie made us an amazing smoothie with her superfood blends.

At the beginning of the workshop, we were asked to write down what health means to us personally. What was on my list?

– a strong, consistent yoga practice

– more cooking at home

-heaps of greens

-time outside each day

-taking the time to truly take care of myself

-staying in the moment

As we Β practiced, it occurred to me how often I’ve made lists like these and how often I’ve forgotten them. During this workshop, however, I felt a shift. A new commitment to my own health, the way I define it. Social media can be very persuasive when it comes to food. So many hashtags! #vegan #icecream #foodporn #pourover. But it’s so important to do what’s best for us. Right now, for me, this means having coffee only as a special treat. I know, I know…give up coffee? Craziness. But I found that coffee was making me anxious. So, I’ve slowly switched over to black tea, making coffee a weekend treat. My point isn’t that you should start drinking black tea. No way. It’s that you have to listen to your own body’s needs and commit.

After the workshop I bought this beautiful hamsa from The Neshama Project.


To me, this represents a new chapter of my life: a chapter of commitment, a chapter of grace, a chapter of honoring my own needs.



One thought on “Commitment

  1. Not sure what “hamsa” means….but it’s very pretty…..I’m a huge fan of wearing memorable jewelry to keep your goals and desires for yourself in the forefront!

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