Back in the game

I registered to the Mammoth Half Marathon.

I bought a new pair of running tights.

I joined a gym.

I made a God damn acai bowl for breakfast!

photo 1

…I feel like I am back in the game.

I was in a running rut for ehh…well since December 2012. Small mileage soothed my every woe. But a visit to St. Louis last week lit a fire under my ass. I felt reminded of the joy that training brings me and knew that it was time to dig in. So my sister and I signed up for a half, and all feels right in running world again.

Oh, and here’s the recipe for a yummy acai bowl:

Modified from Sambazon

What you need:

2 packets of Sambazon frozen acai

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/2 cup granola

1 banana

Put the acai and almond milk in the blender and blend until smooth! Pour into a bowl. Top with granola and sliced banana. Enjoy!!




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