Find your edge…and soften around it.


I sat in a forward fold today in yoga. It was the end of class and my body was tired. I didn’t want to try in this pose. I just wanted to relax. And then I heard the teacher’s words:

“Find your edge, and soften around it.”

And as if she knew just what I was thinking, she came and adjusted me. She gently pushed me forward, helping me to find a place where I was working, but also breathing.

I left class thinking about that quote: Find your edge and soften around it.

In work, and relationships, and health, our edge can be a scary place. It can create anxiety and stress and leave our heads moving at a mile a minute.

But here’s what I think.

The relationship that means the most to you is sometimes hard, juicy work. And your dream job is probably going to be hard, juicy work too. But I think these things that mean the most to us are our edges. Yes, sometimes the edge is a damn scary place. For example, when you feel like you’re not getting what you need from your partner, how do you talk to that person? How do you tell them how you are feeling?

When we peer off that emotional cliff, we may have the desire to bolt rather than to take a leap of faith and become honest, raw, and real. The key though is to soften. To breathe into the scary shit instead of running away from it.

When we talk about creating a meaningful career, the anxiety of sharing your vision can be overwhelming. The idea of getting up in front of a group of people will seem terrifying. But it’s terrifying because your message means something to you. And we are waiting. We all want to hear your beautiful message, to know that lights you up.

So please. Don’t run away. Instead carry on. Share your vision and love with us. Tell us what makes your heart sing. What brings you joy. Tell us about the work you want to do and how you want to change this world. Even if it’s really scary to say out loud. Please, find your edge, and soften around it.

One thought on “Find your edge…and soften around it.

  1. I love this concept of “softening”. It is a very safe place to begin when you are having trouble loving others (or yourself)……especially when unworthiness is at the root of your scary places.

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