Twenty Five.

Yesterday I turned twenty five. Wowza. “Twenty five sounds like I’m a real grown up.” I told The Boy. “I am so not a real grown up.” In so many ways, I feel like I’m still seventeen. I still love singing along to Taylor Swift in my car, I still cry to my mom, The Boy still makes my heart skip a beat. But in many ways, I am growing up. I {usually} ask for help when I need it. I go the grocery store with a list. I {sometimes} pay parking tickets on time. I actually take my “dry clean only” clothes to the dry cleaners….seriously, who am I?


So in honor of being a quarter of a century old, here are 25 things I’ve learned in my 25 years:

1. Say I love you.

Often and loudly and fully. Say it in texts, say it aloud, say it with long hugs. Let the people you love know just how much you love them, and don’t be ashamed about it.

2. Moms have the best advice.

About heartache, cooking salmon, and everything in between.

3. It won’t last forever.

Jealousy, anger, pain. I promise, it won’t last forever. Try and ride the wave.

4. It’s ok to want to dress cute.

I grew up with three sisters yet the other day, one of them turned to me and said “I think I missed the class on being a girl.” I nodded my head in agreement. Although it was a house full of girls, we grew up biking and hiking and getting dirty. As a kid I wore a uniform of blue jean shorts, basketball shirts, and sneakers. Only recently have I learned that it’s ok to want to dress in cute clothes. It’s ok to spend an extra minute on your hair or buy a a new shirt.

5. Buy the plane ticket.

Go. See your friend, your family, your boyfriend. Travel, explore, roam.

6. Cook yourself a home cooked meal.

I think this is probably one of the sweetest things you can do yourself. It doesn’t’ have to be a five course meal by any means. In fact it can be something simple. But find a recipe that excites you and dive in.

7. Self love is not a pedicure.

Self love is not getting your nails done. Self love s doing the next hard thing. It’s admitting when you’re hurt, making an appointment with a therapist, knowing when something is scary and doing it anyway.

8. Self care is a pedicure…go get one.

But don’t get me wrong, pedicures are amazing and you should go get one.

9. Stop planning.

It’s possible that we don’t know what we want. Yep. Be open to plans changing, to new opportunities emerging, and the willingness to be in that moment.

10. “Want to be friends?” is a socially acceptable question.

Making friends post~college is hard. But statements like “Hey, want to hang out sometime?” is socially acceptable and not weird.

11. Unfortunately, a clean house makes you feel pretty good.

I.HATE.CLEANING. But…it ends up that a clean house leaves you with a clear mind. God damn it.

12. Put money into a savings account.

I opened my first savings account two years ago when The Boy dragged me into a bank, dumbfounded that I didn’t have one. Stop laughing. Ends up this savings account thing is pretty cool. If you don’t have one, get one. If you do have one, try to deposit at least a little bit every month. Because you will probably have car trouble at some point and you’ll be so happy to have a little somethin’ somethin’ saved up.

13. You are not your parents.

You might have an amazing relationship with your parents or you might have a challenging one. Either way, you are not them. You might share values and hair color, but you are you. They might offer amazing advice, support, and guidance. But at the end of the day, your choices are yours.

14. You can’t “loose” your intuition.

If you think you had it all figured out at 16, you were wrong. You were confused then too. Only now, you know you are confused and can work to clear the lens.

15. Let it be light sometimes.

It doesn’t always have to be so heavy. Sometimes, watching The Real Housewives and drinking a glass of wine is healing too.

16. Relationships take work.

You have to use your words, and tell people how you feel. You have to be honest and real and raw. Sometimes that’s hard. But it’s so, so worth it.

17. Follow your values.

Take time to figure out what means the most to you. Family? Adventure? Health? Hard work? Whatever your values are, plant your feet there. Make your decisions and create goals from that place.

18. Yes, your interests will change.

I used to play sports to win. I was competitive and placed way to much self worth on my athletic performance. Now I run because I love it and I don’t really look at the clock. I do yoga and when the teacher gives the option for child’s pose, I take it.

19. Green juice is not gross.

Green juice is actually kind of amazing. My friend recently recommend this to me: 12 0z. of spinach, green apple, lemon, garlic, and ginger. Delicious. I promise.

20. But juice cleanses are not for me.

Yep, I tried a juice cleanse once. It was supposed to last three days but by the end of day two I was pretty sure I was going to turn green. I’m sure that for some people, juice cleanses are amazing. For me? Not so much. And I’m ok with that.

21. Have at least one set of matching bra and underwear.

Because it makes you feel sexy.

22. Find your happy place.

Find a place where you can escape to: a coffee shop, a hiking trail, Barnes & Noble. Whatever floats your boat. But I think it’s important to have a place to go to when things get crazy.

23. Eat pastries on Saturday morning.

Accompanied by a hot cup of coffee and someone you love.

24. Dads and dogs make the best running partners.

This is a fact that’s proven itself to me over and over again. Dads and dogs are the  best listeners and pace buddies. And sometimes afterwards, they buy you coffee🙂

25. The only way to get out of your head is by doing something for someone else.

When your mind chatter feels like it’s on repeat and you are listening to the same worries over and over again, it’s time to do something for someone else. Yes, a couple downward facing dogs will help. But the best thing you can do is light up someone else’s day. Buy a stranger coffee, bring home flowers for your boyfriend, pop something in the mail for a long distance friend. This is the only way.







9 thoughts on “Twenty Five.

  1. This list is amazing!! These are so so so true. I’m impressed you dry clean your dry clean clothes… I should do that…

    That self love one is fantastic. I think it’s really easy to get caught up in life and think if we just power through we’ll be fine, but sometimes you just really need someone professional to talk to.

    Also… want to be friends?

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